Deuce E-Tipper

Deuce E-Tipper Light Dump Bodies

Deuce E-Tipper


Dump in two directions!  Side dumping with the Deuce is ideal for hard to reach places.
The Deuce is available in 9 or 11 foot lengths for 2-4 cu. yd. capacity.
Side dump-through is quick and easy and requires no extra attachments.
Leave your trailer attached to save time and money load after load.  The Deuce is as stylish as it is functional.
Optional tarp accessory includes integrated roll-up mechanism and tie down hooks.
The Stainless Steel Deuce offers added corrosion protection.  Add poly sideboards, fenders and tarps for added convenience.
A double-acting Crysteel Lo-Boy hoist uses a swiveling bayonet mount to provide plenty of power.
Materials dump smoothly through the side gate away from the tires.
Fold-down passenger side is standard on the Deuce.


The Deuce E-Tipper combines rear and side dumping capability in one body for increased productivity. Dump to the rear for typical applications and use the side dump feature for hard to reach places in tight jobsites and for easy spreading of material.

The Deuce is also available in stainless steel for added corrosion protection from harsh environments and corrosive materials.

The power behind the Deuce is a double-acting Lo-Boy hoist on a bayonet swivel. The additional double-acting power allows the Deuce to lift larger loads--up to 11 ton capacity!

Never unhook your trailer again with the Deuce!


  • Constructed of Hi-Tensile A1011 steel or 201 stainless steel
  • 10 gauge steel ends and 7 gauge steel floor
  • 12 gauge fold down passenger side
  • 7 gauge dump through driver's side
  • Smooth single wall sides; fold-down sides feature a spring loaded single-lever
  • Pockets for 6" side boards increase load capacity
  • Available trapezoidal crossmemberless understructure or interlocking understructure
  • Integral cabshield with plasma cut window
  • Full height corner posts with radius corner pillars
  • Single-lever Quick-Drop double acting tailgate equipped with spreader chains and chain slot brackets on corner posts
  • Integrated tarp receivers
  • Customizable/Options