Welcome to Crysteel Manufacturing, Inc. Founded in 1969, Crysteel has become one of the world's leading hoist, platform and dump body producers. With over 300 distributors worldwide including all 50 states, Crysteel is known for its product innovations and dedication to quality.

Eldon and Helen Jones

Crysteel began in 1969 when Eldon and Helen Jones borrowed $25,000 and purchased machine tools for welding and steel fabrication. They then rented a small shop in Arlington, MN to produce Eldon's design for a truck hoist. In 1970, a Small Business Administration loan allowed Eldon and Helen to open a facility in Lake Crystal. It was then Eldon coined the name Crysteel (pronounced kris-teel) Manufacturing. The word "Crysteel" is a combination of crystal and steel. Things really took off after that. Here's a historical profile of Crysteel Manufacturing, Inc.

Lake Crystal Farm Equipment Company Founded

Lake Crystal Farm Equipment Company founded by Eldon and Helen Jones in Arlington, MN with a $25,000 loan

The Jones's open a 9,600 square foot facility in Lake Crystal, MN with a Small Business Administration loan.

Eldon coins the name Crysteel Manufacturing

5 employees

Company increases production of the Lo-Boy conversion truck hoist

Hydraulic cylinders in the works

1974 Crysteel Grain Tipper

Eldon appointed to the Board of Directors for the Truck Equipment and Body Distributors Association

Grain Tipper product line begins to grow

Crysteel Distributing, Inc. established

Crysteel expands its production space due to increasing sales and more distributors

Crysteel begins a campaign to promote the safe use of truck equipment and invites equipment inspection by OSHA

Crysteel's Combo-Hoist hits the market

Grain Tipper production expanding again

Office space at Crysteel is doubled

Crysteel celebrates its 10th anniversary

The first dump body goes into production as a companion for the Combo-Hoist

1982 Crysteel upgades computers

Crysteel upgrades to the latest computer technology both in the shop and in the office

1986 Roller-Combo is introduced

Crysteel expands again, this time by 50,000 square feet. Expansion dedicated to dump body production.

Roller-Combo, an improved version of the Combo-Hoist is introduced

The Triple Tipper, 3-way dump body is the hit at the annual NTEA convention in New Orleans

A 9,600 square foot two-story office building is erected

Open house held in Lake Crystal, MN for all national Crysteel distributors

The Marathon line of heavy duty telescopic front mounted dump body hoists are introduced

The Stingray hoist is introduced

Eldon retires as President of Crysteel, but remains Chairman of the Board

Helen Jones becomes President of Crysteel Manufacturing Inc.

The conventional front mounted Turbo Hoist is unveiled

Crysteel celebrates 25th Anniversary

Crysteel celebrates its 25th Anniversary

Helen Jones retires as President of Crysteel, but remains Secretary of the corporation

Peter Jones takes over as President of Crysteel Manufacturing, Inc.

The Paradox Rox Box, "big brother" of the ParadoxBox hits the market

Crysteel awarded a $7 million contract with Freightliner Corp. to produce dump bodies for the US Government on the M917A project

Fourth consecutive record sales year realized

Crysteel Factory in Fulton, NY

Crysteel purchases a second facility in Fulton, NY. That plant is expected to double the company's production capabilities

Crysteel celebrates its 30th Anniversary.

Trailer/Body Builders magazine features Crysteel in their July issue.

Crysteel purchases J-Craft

J-CRAFT, a regional manufacturer of truck equipment and accessories, is acquired by Crysteel Mfg. Located in Kimball, MN, J-Craft works direct with the end-users, a truck dealership, or with distributors in other states.

Crysteel introduces The Deuce

Crysteel introduces The Deuce at the annual NTEA convention in Atlanta. With the ability to dump to both the rear and the side, the Deuce quickly becomes an industry sensation.

Crysteel introduces Super Dump

Crysteel's Super Dump is introduced through a relationship with Silent Drive.

Truck Bodies & Equipment, International (TBEI) purchases Crysteel Mfg. TBEI joins Crysteel with Ox Bodies and Rugby Mfg. Together, these three first-class independent manufacturers provide "World-Class Precision & Performance in Truck Bodies & Equipment"

Crysteel has grown from 1 employee in 1969 to over 285 in 2006. But throughout all of the company's tremendous growth and success, one thing has remained constant, their commitment to building the world's best truck bodies and hoists.

iso certified

Crysteel became an ISO 9001:2008 certified company.