LO-BOY® (with Subframe)

LO-BOY® (with Subframe) Hoists

LO-BOY® (with Subframe)


Count on superior strength and stability with Crysteel’s Lo-Boy hoist complete with subframe assembly
Lo-Boy subframe hoists mount low, designed to fit between the dump body long-beams, keeping the center of gravity as low as possible.
Standalone Lo-Boy with Subframe
Double acting hydraulics provide power both up and down for better control of the load and for achieving exact dump angles.
Maintenance-free composite bearings are used on cylinder and center pivots.


The proven Lo-Boy hoist is engineered for easy installation, ease of operation, safety and long service life. Its low profile adds no body height, keeping the load low. The Lo-Boy is designed with a far-forward lift point, providing easier load elevation and greater stability.

A full-length subframe is engineered for added strength and stability. The complete assembly is simple to install and includes a cut-out for the fuel filler neck and a body prop.

A power beyond port and reservoir mounted valve are additional features only found on Crysteel's Lo-Boy hoists. A 5-year warranty backs the durable Lo-Boy hoist.