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Twin telescopic underbody hoists with 10-50 ton lifting capacity, ideal for 10-28' dump bodies
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Subframe mounted underbody hoists with up to 34 ton lifting capacity, ideal for 8-17' dump bodies
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Inverted Trunnion mounted telescopic cylinders with up to 47 ton lifting capacity, ideal for 9'-16.5' dump bodies
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Traditional pin-to-pin telecsopic cylinders with 11-62 ton lifting capacity, ideal for 9'-21.5' dump bodies
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AR-steel elliptical dump body, available in 17'-21.5' lengths, with 42", 46" and 54" side heights, capacities ranging from 18 - 22 yd(3)
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Highly customizable dump body available in mild, stainless, or AR-Steel, with lengths ranging from 10' - 21.5' and a wide range of capacities.
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