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Crysteel® Manufacturing’s 5 Year Customer Satisfaction Pledge & Warranty

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Crysteel offers the most comprehensive warranty in the industry. Crysteel warrants each product against defects in material and workmanship for 60 Months from in-service date:

  • First 36 months (3 years) at 100% coverage
  • Second 24 months (2 years) at 50% coverage

Crysteel’s warranty includes

Crysteel’s Warranty on all Dump Bodies and Truck Products includes:
  • Crysteel manufactured product
  • The repair of warranted product
  • Labor to replace warranted product
  • Freight for replacement product
  • Warranted product return freight (if required)
Paint Warranty on all Crysteel Product applies as follows:
  • Primer applied to Crysteel product. Primer carries a six month warranty from the original invoice date from the Crysteel factory due to the shelf life of the applied primer.
  • Factory applied top coat paint has a one year warranty.
  • Paint warranty does not include any primer or paint applied to the inside or understructure of any Crysteel dump body.
This warranty does not cover:
  • Diagnostics time
  • Loss of use or any other downtime expense
  • Travel Time or Rental unit
  • Maintenance fluids
  • Repairs due to inadequate diagnostics or installation
  • OEM Products or accessories purchased by Crysteel as part of or offered with our product will carry the OEM manufacturer’s warranty.

No warranty of any kind applies to products which have been damaged, or have failed because of neglect, lack of maintenance, service, lubrication, wear, misuse, accidental overloading, or improper installation. All warranty is limited to product supplied under the Crysteel Manufacturing name and does not cover any Distributor Modifications. Repair or replacement is at Crysteel’s Discretion.

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