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Empty rip-rap and other large and bulky items without hanging up or damaging your tailgate with an additional 21" of clearance.

Control the metering of salt, sand, pea gravel and other materials with a 17.5" maximum sliding height and full width opening.

The High ’N Slide tailgate offers traditional dump-through at all times.

Chip spreading is a great application for the High ’N Slide tailgate for its ability to quickly stop the flow of pea gravel while body is up.

While chip spreading in St. James, MN the High ’N Slide tailgate metered and stopped the flow of gravel without having to lower the body.

To stop the flow of pea gravel with the High ’N Slide tailgate you only have to lower the tailgate to stop the flow in the sliding mode.


Crysteel’s High ‘N Slide™ tailgate is offered as a special feature available through the Select body program.

Add versatility and convenience to your Crysteel Select dump body. In addition to traditional dump-through functionality, the High ‘N Slide tailgate allows you to meter materials through a full-width opening utilizing the sliding tailgate, or empty large/bulky debris with the high-lift function. The patented Crysteel High ‘N Slide tailgate’s versatility increases the opportunities for your Crysteel Select dump body.

Watch video to see all of its unique functions and also check out the video showing the tailgate sliding/metering while chip spreading the streets in St. James, MN.

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