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Crysteel® is pleased to announce that we are now offering the Crysteel Hy-Flo Twin Electric Power Unit. This unit is available for use with select Crysteel LoBoy and RollerCombo® hoists.This system offers 3x the capacity of the standard electric double-acting unit, and also offers up to 1.2x the capacity of a PTO at idle.

Ordered in lieu of direct mount hydraulics, the Crysteel Hy-Flo Twin Electric Power Unit offers features and benefits that meet and exceed current systems:

  • Can save you up to $1,500, and cut installation time by up to 2/3
  • Save up to $500 off of the cost of your chassis when ordering – no PTO option required!
  • Push button control for simple operation
  • No chance of leaving PTO engaged
  • Can help your customer with Idle Restrictions
  • No linkages
  • “Ernie” LoBoy Raise time (empty body)          25.3 seconds
  • “Floyd” LoBoy Raise time (empty body)         36 seconds
  • RC540 Raise time (empty body)                      18.4 seconds
  • RC650 Raise time (empty body)                      26.5 seconds
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