Marathon® Hoists



Cylinder pivots on maintenance-free, greaseless composite Teflon bearings.
Crysteel’s floating cradle is designed to reduce bending stress levels between truck frame and dump body frame.
Reservoirs have a sight gauge for easy visual inspection.
High-pressure hydraulics deliver maximum efficiency with smaller pumps that weigh less and do more. Oversize hoses mean fast cycle times.
Single-lever locking shifter with sealed cable is standard.
Marathon’s body mount lifts directly on the longbeams for efficient power delivery and superior stability throughout the dump cycle.
Crysteel’s patented Auto-Bleed cylinders eliminate the inconvenience and dangers of manually bleeding air out of your cylinder by automatically and effortlessly removing unwanted air from the hydraulic system safely and cleanly.
Smooth acting final stages finish the job to a minimum 50 degree dump angle.
Built-in wipers keep the cylinder surface and seals clean and free of dirt, grit and dust build-up.


Crysteel’s Marathon telescopic hoist offers powerful lifting without wasted doghouse space. Marathon is trunnion mounted, providing unmatched stability among conventional top pinned telescopic hoists.

For traveling over uneven terrain when stress between truck frame and dump body are present, Crysteel designed the floating cradle. It allows the hoist cylinder to pivot up to 2.5 degrees side to side, reducing bending tension. The floating cradle on Marathon hoists is designed especially for haulers that move in and out of construction, demolition and mining sites.