Roller-Combo® Hoists



Roller Combo hoists is designed to provide more power at breakaway and has power to spare at the end of the cycle.
High-pressure hydraulics deliver maximum efficiency with smaller pumps that weigh less and do more. Low-pressure models are also available.
Maintenance-free composite bearings are used on cylinder and center pivots.
Experience total control with Roller Combo’s built-in load check, voluminous flow characteristics and feather-touch metering control.


The Roller-Combo hoist is so far advanced, its design is patented by Crysteel. The stability, rigidity and power achieved by the Roller-Combo are simply not matched by older hoist designs.

The subframe-mounted hoist is made in seven sizes for dump bodies 8 to 17 feet long at capacities up to 34 tons.

The exclusive Roller-Combo principle provides more breakaway power by incorporating a short arm position (start) and long arm position (finish) to the upper hoist arm. The variable position means that power remains steady throughout the lift cycle, but provides almost a third more breakaway power.

The Roller-Combo is backed by Crysteel’s industry leading 5-year warranty.