StingRay® Hoists



Stingray hoists mount low and far forward and offers a wide stance to provide the smoothest operation and most stability.
Crysteel’s patented Auto-Bleed cylinders eliminate the inconvenience and dangers of manually bleeding air out of your cylinder by automatically and effortlessly removing unwanted air from the hydraulic system safely and cleanly.
The Stingray mounts between the frame creating the strongest mount possible.
High-pressure hydraulics deliver maximum efficiency with smaller pumps that weigh less and do more.
Maintenance-free composite bearings are used on cylinder and center pivot.
A standard reservoir mounted valve provides efficiency and flexibility.


Crysteel’s StingRay represents a powerful value in heavy-duty hoists. Capacities range from 10 – 50 ton on bodies from 10 to 28 feet long.

The StingRay mounts low, between the frame, meaning no notching of crossmembers under the dump body. Its wide stance design and tubular structure adds strength and prevents twisting to endure heavy loads. Cylinder and center hinge pivots feature smooth maintenance-free composite bearings for extra long wear.

Premium cylinders are made from high-strength honed steel tubing and have chromed shafts, close-tolerance pistons and high-pressure seals. High-pressure hydraulics produce more power with less weight.

Auto-Bleed™ cylinders, patented by Crysteel, eliminate the inconvenience and dangers of manually bleeding air out of your cylinder. The Auto-Bleed system automatically and effortlessly removes unwanted air from the hydraulic system.