E-Tipper Landscape Bodies



E-Tipper shown with an aerodynamic tapered cab shield, one-piece seamless sides to limit corrosion and fold-down sides for increased accessibilty.
Whether hauling mulch, dirt, gravel or rocks the Crysteel E-Tipper was designed to be the most versatile, durable and best looking light dump body around.
E-Tipper 2-3 yard body with fold-down sides shown with optional poly side boards, Minimizer fenders and manual tarp.
E-Tipper with Lo-Boy hoist. Engineered for easy installation, ease of operation, safety and long service life, the Lo-Boy is designed with a far-forward lift point, providing easier load elevation and greater stability.
E-Tipper 2-3 yard body with optional full height front board pockets, vertical side and tailgate braces and manual tarp.
E-Tipper 3-4 yard body with optional straight cabshield, vertical side and tailgate braces and manual tarp.
E-Tipper 4-5 yard body with optional vertical side and tailgate braces and manual tarp.


The evolutionary E-Tipper gives you all of the most desired features in a dump body - strength, value and style.

From the sculpted front and rear pillars to the one-piece seamless sides, to the western crossmemberless understructure, the E-Tipper combines good looks and durability with superior design.

Features can be added to create the most versatile body for your needs without custom leadtimes. Body options and accessories add function, are extremely economical and easy to order.

Every E-Tipper body is backed by Crysteel’s 5-year warranty.