The Stainless Steel E-Tipper offers high-strength and impact resistance for a long, functional working life.
Stainless Steel E-Tipper construction includes front, sides, tailgate and floor. Shown with optional vertical side and tailgate braces, full height front board pockets and manual tarp.
Available stainless steel vertical side braces and tailgate bracing add extra strength.
Stainless Steel E-Tipper hardware, including the tailgate hinge plates, pins and release handle are stainless.


The S-Tipper from Crysteel is designed for contractors looking for added corrosion protection from harsh environments and corrosive materials. High strength and impact resistance mean a long, functional working life for this dump body. In fact, because of the S-Tipper's extended life cycle, in many cases this material option is the least expense and best value over other material options.

The S-Tipper offers a modern, clean looking, easily maintained and attractive appearance and brings a tough, hard working, long lasting profile to any fleet.