Select Dump Bodies

Select Dump Bodies Medium & Heavy Duty

Select Dump Bodies


5-7 cu. yd. Select body with vertical side ribs, cab shield, corner post and other available options.
No matter what options you choose, the Crysteel Select body gives you a smooth contemporary design.
The sloped front is just one of the many front options offered in the Select design.
Select options shown here include the sloped asphalt tailgate, rigid ladder and walkrail.
This sloped rear Select body in traditional (square) style uses a Crysteel’s Marathon telescopic hoist.
Features/Options selected on this body include the folding ladder, aluminum treadplate toolbox and poly sideboards.
Western Tubular Understructure leaves less areas for material to collect.
Traditional square style Select body with sloped front and sloped, full rib tailgate.
Build It Your Way - 20 cu. yd. Select body with sloped front, sloped rear, asphalt tailgate and other options.


The Select body program allows you to essentially design your own dump body without incurring the extra cost and leadtime normally associated with custom designed products. Crysteel’s industry exclusive “Build it Your Way” program is more than just a concept — it’s a customer-driven ordering system that makes manufacturing to specific requests a reality.

Select between traditional square body styles or elliptical bodies, and then choose the best steel for the floor, sides, and ends to fit real-world applications.

A complete list of options are available for front design, side height and bracing, tailgate design and understructure. Additional accessories further customize your Crysteel Select dump body such as cab shields, fenders and ladders. Crysteel’s 5-year warranty is not an option, it is standard on every Select dump body.

Build one today with your Crysteel distributor!