LO-BOY® Hoists



Crysteel cylinders are designed to last with chromed shafts, close-tolerance pistons and high pressure seals.
High-pressure hydraulics deliver maximum efficiency with smaller pumps that weigh less and do more.
Standard reservoir mounted valve provides efficiency and flexibility, electric pump packages are also available.
Experience total control with Lo-Boy’s built-in load check, voluminous flow characteristics and feather-touch metering control.


The proven Lo-Boy hoist is engineered for easy installation, ease of operation, safety and long service life. Its low profile adds no body height, keeping the load low. The Lo-Boy is designed with a far-forward lift point, providing easier load elevation and greater stability.

A power beyond port and reservoir mounted valve are additional features only found on Crysteel's Lo-boy hoists. A 5-year warranty backs the durable Lo-Boy hoist.